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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where Has The Literary Romance of Medicine Gone?

Lots of stereotypes about doctors and medicine. At one time we had the ideals of Dr. Kildare and Ben Casey, and of course Marcus Welby and even Chad Everett in Medical Center. TV really helped galvanize our romance with the praticioner of medicine.  Then of course Came ER and the romantic blood and guts of Dr Green. They were all so popular in the conscious mind of Americans. We had so pretty cool doctor writers too through time from around the world/, way back too way back to Anton Chekhov, A.J Cronin, Robin Cook.
Of course we had the romantic view of the physician destroyed by outside forces over the last 40 years. So many loved to hate doctors that they cheer and applaud the destruction of the oh so unrealistic ideal of the doctor.
I suppose Arrowsmith, written almost 100 years ago was not too romantic of a view of a physician, of course Sinclair Lewis sure was not a physician but his Dad sure was. Think about it.
We have a lots of blood and guts medical literary works now. It seems that in this day and age most are in the mystery and crime and suspense realm. who would read a novel with a Marcus Welby character anyway?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shout out to Independent Author Network

A really excellent site that is a wonderful resource for Indie Authors is the
Independent Author Network . There are many sites  for small presses and Indie Authors out there, I find this one kind of nice, in that it is diverse, and seems to genuinely be frequented by some truly nice people- authors.
Writing like any art form is a very solitary activity. We get isolated in our thoughts and imaginations. We often loose ourselves in our characters. Sometimes it is hard to find of even recognize the support and connection of our fellow humans when engrossed in the craft. In fact sometimes we don't even want the connection, but we all still need it sometimes. This little site is one link in that network of support. See what you think.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The medical setting remains one of the most routinely dramatic and intense environs in our modern society. It is fraught with life and death, pain, tragedy, love, hate, and a level of emotional power that is unparalleled in the literary world. I know so many doctors and nurses paramedics  and other  health care workers that live these emotions on an everyday basis. They don't often get to talk about it, and unfortunately many don't get to write about it, but they all have stories. Wonderful, turbulent, intense stories. A few are lucky enough to find the time and the fortitude to write about it. To take their experiences and turn them into a class act fiction essay or even better a novel. Still others have never worked in the field but know someone who has or they are related to somone who does, or thery have been a patient in that world. So many stories, so little time.  So much fiction writing in the world of medicine. Have you written a book or a short story in this area? Do you want to? What is stopping you? Now is the time. I bet you have so many stories, I know I do, so many blend and run together, thousands of human interest stories every day.