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Welcome! This blog is for all those writers and readers of medical fiction, and all its subgenres: be it thriller, crime, mystery, romance, drama, or all the above. All those characters: docs, nurses, dieticians, medics, speech paths, psychologists, and everyone else and of course all those settings: OR, ER, ICU, PACU, Med-Surg, Locked Psych, and everyplace else. Share Your Thoughts and Ideas. This is an unpretentious, intellectual and fun-loving blog about this wide-open, expanding and fascinating genre of fiction- MEDICAL FICTION

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


The medical setting remains one of the most routinely dramatic and intense environs in our modern society. It is fraught with life and death, pain, tragedy, love, hate, and a level of emotional power that is unparalleled in the literary world. I know so many doctors and nurses paramedics  and other  health care workers that live these emotions on an everyday basis. They don't often get to talk about it, and unfortunately many don't get to write about it, but they all have stories. Wonderful, turbulent, intense stories. A few are lucky enough to find the time and the fortitude to write about it. To take their experiences and turn them into a class act fiction essay or even better a novel. Still others have never worked in the field but know someone who has or they are related to somone who does, or thery have been a patient in that world. So many stories, so little time.  So much fiction writing in the world of medicine. Have you written a book or a short story in this area? Do you want to? What is stopping you? Now is the time. I bet you have so many stories, I know I do, so many blend and run together, thousands of human interest stories every day.

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